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Danon Disease is a genetic condition. This means that the disease can be inherited (passed-on) from parents to their children.


The pattern of inheritance in Danon Disease is called 'X-Linked Dominant' inheritance. X-Linked inheritance is also referred to as 'Sex-Linked' inheritance.

In this type of inheritance Danon Disease can be passed on from a parent to a child.

Typically, MOTHERS with Danon Disease will pass on the risk of disease to approximately half of their sons AND daughters.

FATHERS with Danon Disease, however, will pass on the risk of disease to ALL of their daughters but NONE of their sons.

X-Linked inheritance is explained by the sex-chromosomes.

All of us carry the genetic material (called 'DNA') we inherited from our parents inside our cells. The DNA is contained in structures called chromosomes. There are two sex chromosomes called 'X' and 'Y' and each of us has two sex chromosomes in each of our cells.

Males have both an 'X' and a 'Y' sex chromosome.
Females have two 'X' chromosomes and no 'Y' chromosome.

The genetic problem ('mutation') in Danon Disease occurs on the 'X' chromosome.